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The Journey to DaniLeigh

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

All Eyez caught up with Def Jam's rising star, DaniLeigh, at the Philadelphia stop of her debut headlining Be Yourself Tour earlier this year.

Danileigh performs at The Trocadero, Philadelphia.

But the journey to DaniLeigh had begun months before. We came across her song, "All Day" serendipitously on Spotify. Her vibe really is a forcefield. It lives in her lyrics, dance moves, and is mirrored by her whole squad.

So naturally, we followed her on IG and bought tickets when she announced a NYC show. March 19, 2018 was fin to be lit! But the show was cancelled :( Although we were sad, we hung the ticket on our planning/vision/motivation wall and went about our business. A better time to see the magic of Lil Bebe would come.


Flash forward to today. We've seen Dani live in the flesh three times. The first time, she was opening for Teyana Taylor at the Playstation Theater in NYC. After witnessing the wavy sensations of both women that night, we resolved to get behind the lens at more concerts, with DaniLeigh at the top of our list. That's how powerful her art is. If you're a creative, you leave her show wanting to elevate your craft.

Dani brought her bro, Brandon Bill$, out to perform their collab hit, "Yo No Se."

Next, Dani graced the stage at Brooklyn's House of Yes for a showcase put on by Heineken. We waited out in the cold with some dope local artists, met Kola Rai, grabbed a tequila pineapple, and patiently waited at the front of the stage.

We got to witness one of the littest DJ sets by DJ Broadway.

DJ Broadway || House of Yes || Bushwick, NYC

Dani is not one to disappoint, and had changed her set, chopped and screwed her tunes, revamped her choreography, and debuted new music with her brother Brandon Bill$. She is clearly perfecting her craft and bringing her audience along with her. We left that concert with ears ringing, voices hoarse, and camera roll full of gems. She dropped her debut album "The Plan" the next day.

This bring us to her Be Yourself Tour, which sold out all 21 cities. Dani could be seen on her IG, preparing new choreography and music compilations of her various hits.

Rising star Nimic Revenue opened for Dani with bangers like "Happy Vibes" and "Leveled Up."

Dani's opening act brought out this young dance powerhouse!

Divad at House of Yes || Bushwick, NYC.

She paved the way for the future by ensuring her opening acts made space for new talent. With the help of Dani's creative director, Divad, we were front and center to capture Dani at her most epic. She was literally sick, citing on IG that she felt like there were needles in her throat.


Not a single audience member was able to tell just how hard Dani's crew was going because they made it look effortless. We're honored to have had the opportunity to co-create art memorializing a true professional and certified wave.

Lil Bebe lit up the stage at Philadelphia's Be Yourself tour stop

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