Empire Taste X Jimi Tents

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

At Empire Taste there is no such thing as too many hands in the kitchen.

Chef Minh || Better Days, NYC

Each member of the team brings their own unique talents and positive energy, making this creative house a force to be summoned upon for all your brand building and storytelling needs.

ET recently teamed up with artist on the rise, Jimi Tents, for a release party for his single, Szechuan.

Chef Minh was on hand to cook up some delicious bites, with the help of Sticky Finger Joint. Minh had the crowds well fed, while DJ Moa curated a whole vibe.

ET & Jimi brought out creatives and music execs in a non-toxic, inclusive, dope ass celebration, which featured a live performance by Jimi and the premiere of some of his new visuals.

We were glad to be on hand to capture all the vibes and catch a few plates of Szechuan ;)

Click here for more flix!

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